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Welcome Playon!HD, Xtreamer, EM7080 and other Realtek users.

We are in Beta-test right now.

What is Metafeeds?

Metafeeds is a community RSS portal for the Playon!HD and other realtek based media players.

Right now it's focussed on online video streams and vodcasts, but news- and image-feeds are possible.

Community & Collaboration

Only someone spanish can create a good spanish-channel.
And only a technology-freak can create a good technology-channel. etc ...

  • A channel is a list of rss-feeds
  • Anyone can create a channel, only the creator can modify that channel.
  • Good channels will be added to many user-favourites.
  • Great channels will be added to the default main channel.
  • Users with a different opinion can start their own (main)channel.


  • There are many good video sources outside of youtube , and youtube will eventually stop functioning. Please try to find good non-youtube streams. for example : Miro Guide
  • Document the limitations of playon!hd streams and why we would need those formats. for example : no mss/rmtp/asx streams :( ,
    because we will need to convince the playon!hd developers to add support for more stream formats.